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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Winter's coming?

Well, here it comes- the BIG one. Forecast is for 6-8 inches of snow, cold, wind, etc.
Being a native Michigander, I am not phased by it, not full of anticipation or anxiety over a few days of being snowed in my little cottage in the country.
I do hope, for the local economy and just to quiet the news media down a little, that we do get accumulation Thursday night and Friday. Many snowplow companies in the area are beginning to be concerned with no work this past six weeks, and local businesses that depend on snowmobilers, ice fishermen, and snowshoers and skiers are worried, too.
As for me, when (and if) the white stuff starts piling up, I'll sit inside and knit and watch television, or maybe write on my new blog.
So- there you go- my first blog entry.
I hope you enjoy my reflections on life.

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